Code Name Verity

This book grabs you so immediately by the heartstrings, that you won’t know what propelled you off the runway. Then, at each twist, and as the booked ends, you’re devastated, begging the author(s) for more.

Set in WWII, CNV tells the tale of two women aiding the war effort. One is captured by the Gestapo in France, and you hear her story first hand as she writes it out under duress. The other, Maddy is a pilot, who desperately seeks to rescue her friend, her tale is told in the second half of Elizabeth E. Wein’s marvelous novel.

  1. Read it?
    • Abso-freaking-lutely. It’s smart, perfectly paced, and well researched. The twists are remarkable both for their realistic basis and their ability to shock. The characters are well built, and even when the narrator becomes somewhat unreliable, the depictions are so well rounded, you follow along in complete immersion.
  2. Why was this a great book for nerdy women?
    • With two strong female leads, who fight through hell, acknowledge their vulnerability, and command respect for their guts and smarts – this is the book we’d all wished we’d read a younger ladies. You’ll walk away from this book reminding yourself to “Fly the plane, Maddy”, and you’ll be better for it.
  3. Loved?
    • The friendship between the two women. The guts they both display, and the terrifying choices they have to make. The author really pulls you in a world that’s both familiar and brand new.
  4. Questioned?
    • Not much. Well researched. Great character development. Realism in the progression. Perhaps I question how incredibly smart one of the heroines was, but I was so entranced by her, I couldn’t really care.
  5. Anything else?
    • Read it. Loan it to a friend. Buy it for your mother (she’ll love it!).

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