Code Name Verity – The Audio Edition

Audiobooks are my life’s enduring pleasure. While driving, architecting, cooking, painting, cleaning – when an audiobook is involved, all manifest into an anticipated daily activity. The word “tedious” exists not in my lexicon when my phone is charged and my headphones are handy.

Code Name Verity. This book exceeded expectations. And from the hype, mine were high. All I’ll say about the plot, aside from ‘clever’ and ‘delightful’ and ‘heartbreaking’, is that you’ll want to go back to the beginning to appreciate the brilliance of what you now know that you know. The audio narration enhances the complex, rounded characters and the entertainment value of the story. I thought this book was listed as young adult, but now I’m not sure. It never made me wish I was reading print so I could cross my eyes and skim over weak areas (audio has a way of enhancing that). No awkward squirming in your chair for this one. Anticipatory squirming in spades.

Don’t read any more reviews (aside from Kai’s). This book is best enjoyed knowing only that you won’t be disappointed.

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