Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Trilogy)

It’s not often you’re grabbed by a book that’s built in another world and so instantly drawn into the complexity and possibilities of the plot that you don’t even have time to blink. Daughter of Smoke and Bone does just that, the characters are immediately engrossing – Karou a young, blue-haired, badass teenager, living in Prague. You like her immediately, despite the fact that you may be skeptical of her hair, boyfriend, and strangely demonic father. You’re gripped by the character’s development, but how quickly she’s rounded out, and pitted against obstacles that show you just what she’s made of – even if she has no idea.

Read this?

Absolutely. All three books are strong, with unforgettable characters, an epic love story, and a totally believable (and yet out-of-this-world) plot, woven together with a strong narrative that never drags.

Why is this a great book for smart women?

Each character is strong, but the female leads are particularly astounding in their confidence and tenacity – even the male characters in this book are (mostly) enlightened, and it’s refreshing to read a set of YA novels that doesn’t necessarily grapple with questions of feminism or sexuality, but just accepts them and moves on to bigger and better things.


Almost everything. The way the author flips the worlds of “Angels” and “Demons” on their heads. The way humans and religion are portrayed. The love story between Akiva and Karou, and the way it unfolds and is continuously challenged. (Just writing this makes me ache to read it again!)


Mostly just what some of these creatures actually look like! I hope someday we see them on screen. I suppose I questioned whether this could have been written as a full-fledged adult fantasy trilogy, with more intricacies, darkness, sex, etc. It was a great enough story to be in the shallow end, but it was also a fantastic enough plot to make me want more.

Anything else?

You’ll be sucked in for all three, so prepare yourself and free fall.

One thought on “Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Trilogy)

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    I really need to read these! I was sold at the blue hair when I first heard of them – had blue hair for a time myself, haha. Add angels and demons to that.. Sold!
    And of course, positive reviews help motivate me to actually make time and read them. :’)


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