Four nerdy girls. A shitload of books, movies, TV shows, and fun. Men come and go.  Brunches and minx sessions. The story of a book club, and unabashedly… nerdy girls.


* Names have been changed to protect… well, everything.

So you’ve found us. Busted. We’re somewhat thrilled to have you. Who are we, you ask? We are an awesome foursome that stumbled together, has stumbled a lot together, and together is stumbling through some of the best, craziest and nerdiest years of our life.

Kai. Theo. Kara. Leonie. We are the Nerdy Girls Book Club. It’s sort of like Fight Club, but more… nerdy. We’ve never drawn blood (expect maybe that one time when we had a very inappropriate water fight). And there aren’t any rules about NOT talking about it (ehem… blog). We’re more like a crew of smart, sassy ladies, who enjoy great characters, and a grapefruit mimosa (or eight) now and again.

Kai – Sort of outrageous. She’s a mix of Katniss Everdeen, Buffy Summers and Queenie. Rebellious. Tall. A mixture of contradictions, grit and heart. She works hard. Plays harder. And can do anything she sets her mind to.

Theo – The reader. Don’t ask her if she’s heard of it, she’s already read it. A gamer, a dreamer, and a fierce dog mama. She’s Arya Stark and Hermione Granger, with a little bit of Art3mis mixed in. Theo brings vivacity and costumes to everything she does.

Kara – Kara is quieter, but don’t let her fool you. She’s a master strategist, a tenacious optimist, and one kind, insightful laugher. She gets into trouble, sure. Her exploits are legendary. She’s Thursday Next and Brianne of Tarth, with a little Eowyn Of Rohan thrown in.

Leonie – Leonie has a wild side, and a loud one. She’s unafraid, and is known worldwide for her ability to bake you… well, out of this world. She’s Kara Thrace and Jo March mixed in the perfect quantities. She’s not afraid to share her opinion, and she’s always up for intrigue.

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